Friday, 8 February 2013

Kids art wall project ♥

Every child is an artist-Pablo Picasso once said! Since nursery school I have saved my kids school work especially their story books (these always make me and my husband laugh, kids have amazing imaginations) and their art work. I have kept everything sentimental from their ankle bracelets, clippings from every newspaper they were in, their first shoes, even their tiny baby teeth (shh the youngest one doesn't know about these yet) are you seeing a pattern here lol. Well i finally sat down the other night and sorted a lot of their keepsakes out into individual memory boxes for them that I will continue to add to until they are old enough to appreciate them ha! I have been wanting to create an art wall for ages so decided to take some of my favourite pictures and put them together to create one in my utility room. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, think it brightens up the room and the best part is it cost absolutely nothing! I think next time I take a trip to ikea I might buy a few white frames to break the wall up a bit more but for now Im happy with it. Think Picasso may have been right, this is currently my favourite wall in the house and it was created by tiny little hands with huge imaginations.


  1. I love your new art wall. Great job to you and your kids! It really adds a lot of personality to the room and must make it so much more pleasant to do chores in there. I recently finished a small art wall in our kitchen and have plans to do two more elsewhere in the house. I wonder whether one can have too many art walls in one home but this first one makes me so happy that I am moving forward! Anyway, happy to see you back at blogging, if only sporadically. I, too, miss blogging and think about coming back but haven't yet. Maybe you can start a trend!

    1. think you shoul join me in this trend minnie lol x

  2. Oooh this looks fab! So colourful and fun and I bet it evokes all kinds of memories when you are in there :) xxx

  3. I love this idea. I need to do the same for my little ones. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


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