Thursday, 17 October 2013

Diy Pia Wallen art print ♥










So I've got a bit of a pia wallen obsession at the moment.  From their amazing blanket (which I absolutely need in my life) to the lovely trays I see everywhere, not to mention the handmade rugs, diy bunting and oh the lovely wall art. I was sitting the other night and thought I really need a little pia wallen in my home so armed with determination I went and found an old ikea ribba frame I had, got some thick white card and a roll of duct tape (yes I actually love this stuff, so many uses lol) This literally took half an hour (plus a little drying time) and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. All I did was place the duct tape on a piece of card in the shape of a cross then cut it to desired size. Once that was done I then stuck the cross down with glue onto another piece of card. Once it was dry I placed it in the frame! So simple... I know it's not an master piece by any means but I think it looks fab and will keep me going until I get that blanket!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Small Bathroom Makeover Before & After ♥




It took us two years but we finally got there.  Our "work in progress" small bathroom makeover is finally complete.  I don't know why it took me so long to decide what to do with such a small space bur im really happy with how its turned out.  I opted for white subway tiles for the walls with charcoal grout,  got a large mirror cut to the size of the back wall which automatically made the space feel so much bigger and for the floors I chose a black mosaic tile vinyl.  Its now complete with my cute little diy personalised banner and my  new batgirl print by the super talented  burnfeather 

All White Home Love ♥


I just love this beautiful white home that's currently up for sale in Sweden. If I could fly over there and buy it I would, anyone else want to buy it for me please feel free lol:) I Love how bright and clean it looks, and adore the eclectic mix of furniture, I'm also in love with the gorgeous piawallen cross blanket, its now officially on my wihlist!  Don't you just love how bunting can add a whimsical feel to your home and bring an element of fun to it, I think we all need to embrace our inner child and have bunting somewhere in our home.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Eclectic Living - Swedish Inspiration ♥



After spending a little while looking through Stadshem a Swedish real-estate broker based in Gothenburg,  I am officially in love.  Every single home on there is styled perfectly, most of the rooms are white with an amazing eclectic mix of furnishings. Check it out if your looking for some fab inspiration!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Scandinavian Home Styling - Black & White ♥

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feel inspired blog

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Nordic bliss
Its so funny how certain parts of your home styling stay the same (your home staples if you like) All my rooms are white (well the ones I've decorated anyway) and that's the way they are staying, never mind the fact that I have 3 kids which often multiples at weekends and more that quadruples when there are parties involved.  If that mean running about with a  bottle of vanish and a dish cloth then so be it, my house is white and that makes me happy. 
So my obsession for the past three years if you look back on my blog has been all white with pops of colour, in particular turquoise and pink.  These colours are still at the top of my favourites list however over the past few months I've been drawn more and more to black and white.  Scandinavian style has always featured throughout my blog but lately after taking time off from blogging and being on Instagram a lot more my Scandinavian obsession has manifested itself.  The contrast between black and white is striking, the rooms are very simple but always look so dramatic and make a statement. 
 I've recently purchased a few of my favourite prints that I've been looking at for a while, I even had someone on Ebay create me a custom Andy Warhol Modena Museet print as I could not find one anywhere online and believe me when I say I looked everywhere (I even attempted to access a Japanese website that had no English, that was interesting and needless to say didn't work lol). I think my favourite room in my house is still my bathroom,   I'm so glad that I picked the Cole & Son woods wallpaper for it and  I think that's when my Scandinavian obsession probably began.  I still love my pink splash back In the kitchen but the rest of the pink is getting replaced!  The other 2 prints I purchased were the tiger says meow print from society 6 (ordered when it was free shipping only to get hit with customs tax)  and the cat girl print by burnt feather on etsy.  This arrived in less than a week from Australia I was pretty impressed and I just love it.  Anyways my blog may be taking a bit of a different colour direction but I hope I will still be posting lots of lovely home eye candy. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Diy glitter barcart makeover last!


Omg I probably have no readers left on my blog! I know it was my very good intention at the start of the year to try and do some sporadic blogging but I really thought I would have posted something by now! I have been so busy the past few months with my very wild 2 year old and all the other stuff that goes along with being a working mum & wife. 

Some of you might remember way back in February I bought a little mahogany bar cart from a local thrift store for the bargain price of £5. Well I had grand plans for that bart cart until I got it home and it ended up sitting in my garage for the last few months.  

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted it as blingtastic as possible (yes it is a word lol) and so I bought a tin of rustoleum gold spray paint and a tin of the glitter spray paint. I then went on eBay and bought 2 large tubs of champagne glitter. After spraying the whole thing gold I covered it in a light coat of watered down PGA glue, then I literally covered the whole thing, myself, the rabbit and half my house in glitter! Once it was dry I wiped off the excess glitter then sprayed the whole thing with the gold glitter spray, this created a seal  to stop the glitter going everywhere.

So tonight after a very lazy bank holiday I decided to finally put the finishing touches on it. I was in the kitchen finishes it off (feeling all chuffed with myself) when my very perceptive 7 year old came into the kitchen and said "wow mummy I love it" (big smile across my face) then in the same breath she said "but you know mummy Jake is just going to trash it" (yes my smile faded of course I knew this was the case) Jake really is so funny and he makes us all laugh everyday but you cannot leave anything out if you don't want him to destroy it-fact! 

So why did I put my bar cart together if only to take it apart the very next day? I really don't know, I think I just wanted to see what it was actually going to look like out my head and in my kitchen. Well it's here today and it will be gone (temporarily) tomorrow until our little monkey is able to leave it be! And I really love it! 

Hope all you guys are well, I am going to make more of an effort with the blog, doing my bar cart tonight made me remember how much I actually enjoy it! Take care
Careen x
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