Sunday, 10 February 2013

DIY bar cart makeover soon to be underway ♥

Going go gold
 Today I joined the bar cart revolution! and I'm a little excited lol. To some of you this may be a very exciting revelation but I'm sure for others you might still think these wheeled beauties belong all the way back in the 60's.  I know I'm a bit behind on this one but I was holding out till I found the right one.
simply swoon worthy
I have been on the hunt for a bargain bar cart or "trolley" for so long now and today I stumbled across one that excited me very much. I’ve had an idea in my head of what it would look like and I have to say that the one I got my hands on today for the bargain price of £5 is actually the opposite of what I wanted lol. I really liked the idea of a metal trolley, either aluminium or a light copper. I planned on spraying it turquoise and filling it with all my favourite drinks and cocktail making supplies. I absolutely love my sailor jerry, disaronno, chambord, hendricks gin (ok please don’t be alarmed I do love all these fabulous drinks but definitely in moderation, well ok unless I’m having a cocktail party ha)
Aqua Please
 Please excuse my little guy in the picture,  as soon as he saw it he shot straight in shouting "go..go..gooo...." yes my older son told him it was a go kart and he was getting wheeled about the living room in it lol. Buying this today has even inspired me to blog again. My blogging addiction is slowly creeping back and thanks to my friend Minnie over at mamawithoutborders I now have a name for my type of blogging. It would appear I’m a sporadic blogger and she even suggests I may start a trend. Well I’m not sure about the trend setting but I’m defiantly loving the title.  I hope I might even inspire Minnie to embark on the sporadic blogging trend too because I do miss her posts.
Bold Blue
I’ve got so many ideas running through my head about what it’s going to look like, all I really know at the moment is it will not be staying "as is" sorry to all the wood lovers out there, where I absolutely appreciate the beauty of wood, the colour is not for me. Ideas so far would be a really rich turquoise peacock blue, or gold. I’m open to any suggestions. Can’t wait to start it, only problem is once it’s done and stocked I am going to have to hide it from my little guy because he is one crazy boy and I know he would have a field day firing cocktail glasses and bottles about the house. Will keep you all posted on the progress.

watch me go mummy!




  1. Hahaha! Love the pic of your little one, too funny!! Oooh how exciting and thank you for including my bar cart in your inspiration :) I have to say, I love love love mine, it makes me happy just looking at it (and constantly restyling it but maybe that's just me)! Can't wait to see what you do with this one, it's got great bones :) I vote blue by the way ;) xxx

  2. I love that aqua bar cart! right now though it seems handier as a toddler trolly! X

    1. i know we should start a new baby trend lol x


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