Tuesday, 19 April 2011

diy vintage bedroom ♥

Absolutely love this vintage bedroom found at houseohome. The headboard and wall dislay is so cute and is really easy to re-create.  Go check out the full "how to".


  1. Great Find! I'm loving that headboard, so unique! Glad I found your blog...I am now a follower!

  2. What an inspired way to hang jewelry. I love that stencil/decal.

  3. So simple and sweet.

  4. Wow! loving these ideas! I'm doing a blog myself and giving myself a challenge of decorating my bedroom myself in the vinatge style, by making most of the stuff myself! I think your blog will really help me and It would be great if you could follow me and perhaps give me tips and ideas :) I shall also promote your blog on my blog for my followers. Thanks again!

    Alysha x

  5. Theses ideas are great i can't wait to change my room to vintage...


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