Friday, 10 June 2011

Lovely Spaces with Stripes ♥

Looking for one of the most daring of interior design ideas? It's stripes! On fabrics and furniture, on walls and floors, stripes can either complement or dominate a room - but both make a beautiful impact. While some homeowners are intimidated by such a bold interior design idea, the rule of thumb is this: a lovely space can't go wrong with stripes.

The Home in Paradise (via)
Outdoors or in, striped throw pillows on a seating bench are very inviting - use just one or even several layered on top of one another.
Gracefully Searching (via)
When placed across a floor, a striped pattern engrained in wood floors or sewn into throw rugs can not only elongate a space but also add some wonderful whimsy.
Decor Pad (via)
Striped wallpaper in soft, pretty colours creates a cozy feel in a bedroom. Pair with floral prints for extra pizzazz.
Swoon Worthy (via)
Need a great interior design idea for the plain hallway? Bold stripes in deep blues or intense pinks bring life to these usually-ordinary connecting spaces.
Vertical lines trick the eye into thinking a room is much higher, which is a playful effect in a child's room, particularly when painted on just one accent wall.
Homescape (via)
A fun interior design idea for the commode is stripes in calming organic shades - it's both stylish and elegant with black and white tiles.
Play up a themed nursery by incorporating stripes into the decor - they'll help to complete the look of the room. Avoid overcrowding by keeping the floors and ceiling monochromatic.
Eclectic Revisited (via)

Stripes almost always work in a sophisticated dining room, both sideways and applied up-and-down. Hang framed artwork and create a wall with "wow" factor.

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  1. That second photo had me drooling. I love stripes. I wish I could find more easy ways to incorporate stripes into my decor. I would like at least one room with bold stripes but I'm not really ready to embark on a project like that. Maybe I'll settle for drapes!

  2. @Minnie we love stripes too! Just didn't realize how much we did till after we finished this post. Thanks so much for allowing us to contribute to a wonderful blog Careen!

  3. Love stripes as well - my dining room tablecloth was very much a happy accident but the bold black and white stripe really works. Still thinking bright red & white stripes for the guest bedroom too x

    PS Can you tell I'm catching up on your blog today? ;)


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