Monday, 6 June 2011

Home Inspiration ♥

Im in love with this floral bedspread and amazing aluminium drum side table from graham & green.  Bit out my price range really with a new baby on the way and a broken washing machine and tumble dryer, couldnt justify £168 for a side table that looks lovely but has no other function than that really, but would be lovely.  Typical everything breaks at the same time lol.  Well i love them and even if i cant have them i can still admire, was still thinking about spray painting an old piece of tree trunk with aluminium spray to see how that turned out, havent got round to it yet, so much to do and not enough time!


  1. Congratulations for the new baby! When is it due? I hope we will get to see the nursery decorating process.

  2. I love Graham & Green, they have so much beautiful stuff... but it's all about prioritising what's important right now and sometimes the practical stuff wins out! Congrats on the baby bump and hope all is well my dear! xxx


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