Wednesday, 5 January 2011

White Living ♥

♥ the circular mirror (emmas blog)

♥ stripey rug & turquoise cushion (husohem)

♥ turquoise chairs (i-village)
♥ pink pouffe and stripey rug  (i-village)

All white but not one bit boring....


  1. I would love to do some white living, but with two dogs and a husband it's not in the works for me. I just love the last photo though!

  2. Great selection of photos. You are right, white makes the perfect background colour to which you can add so many interesting things and bold splashs of coloured rugs or ornaments. Most of the walls in my house are painted white. G

  3. new follower here! absolutely love your blog! so happy i found it! great photos! and i love a great white space, so many possibilities!


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