Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Cracker.....

So I posted the other night to say that we were starting to put up all our Christmas decorations...well this morning I got up and went out to the garage, finally braving the cold to get all the decorations....after hunting for over 20 minutes it hit the summer we got our new bathroom in and in order for the plumbers to do their job they where in my garage doing work, moving things around etc.....few weeks later my brother in law very kindly offered to go to the dump with all the waste.....inside all that waste was 10 years worth of very cute and quirky Christmas today we where a little sad.  But ive since cheered up.  We put up the tree, bought new LED lights and stuck them on and I have just went and ordered some rather funky new decorations to cheer us all up....they are so cute, i especially love the wee penguin's and fawn's.   I got them all  from paperchase.  Best part was that my lovely husband bought them, smiles all a lot of collecting to do again though  x

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