Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Am I Crazy in ♥ with Colour.......

Whether its a bright bold statement wall (pinky above), a subtle accessory (turquoise coat hanger),  a funky piece of wall art (white room with wall art), some quirky fabrics (lovely cushions and throw) or a simple piece of furniture (omg turquoise dresser and pink chair combo)......if its bright and placed in the right way....its a sure set jaw dropper.  I absolutely positively ♥ the first image, my two favourite colours turquoise and pink together side by side! Ok so I think im turning into a bit of a design nutter not lover i going crazy or do u love it too?


  1. Nope, not crazy! It's all so good! Love the turquoise and pink together.

  2. A pink wall is daring but it works.

  3. You must be thrilled with the Honeysuckle Pink that Pantone selected as color of the year for 2011!!


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