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Scandinavian Home Styling - Black & White ♥

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Its so funny how certain parts of your home styling stay the same (your home staples if you like) All my rooms are white (well the ones I've decorated anyway) and that's the way they are staying, never mind the fact that I have 3 kids which often multiples at weekends and more that quadruples when there are parties involved.  If that mean running about with a  bottle of vanish and a dish cloth then so be it, my house is white and that makes me happy. 
So my obsession for the past three years if you look back on my blog has been all white with pops of colour, in particular turquoise and pink.  These colours are still at the top of my favourites list however over the past few months I've been drawn more and more to black and white.  Scandinavian style has always featured throughout my blog but lately after taking time off from blogging and being on Instagram a lot more my Scandinavian obsession has manifested itself.  The contrast between black and white is striking, the rooms are very simple but always look so dramatic and make a statement. 
 I've recently purchased a few of my favourite prints that I've been looking at for a while, I even had someone on Ebay create me a custom Andy Warhol Modena Museet print as I could not find one anywhere online and believe me when I say I looked everywhere (I even attempted to access a Japanese website that had no English, that was interesting and needless to say didn't work lol). I think my favourite room in my house is still my bathroom,   I'm so glad that I picked the Cole & Son woods wallpaper for it and  I think that's when my Scandinavian obsession probably began.  I still love my pink splash back In the kitchen but the rest of the pink is getting replaced!  The other 2 prints I purchased were the tiger says meow print from society 6 (ordered when it was free shipping only to get hit with customs tax)  and the cat girl print by burnt feather on etsy.  This arrived in less than a week from Australia I was pretty impressed and I just love it.  Anyways my blog may be taking a bit of a different colour direction but I hope I will still be posting lots of lovely home eye candy. 

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