Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bright Bedroom ♥ i must diy a bookcase with this design!

OMG!!!  I am honestly in love lol, came across this amazing bedroom at the lennoxx.  Packed with happy colours and fun patterns (their words) it is totally 100% the perfect way to carry my blog into the new year.  I'm in love with the bookcases with the Moroccan tile effect patten and think i might even steal the idea when  i get round to buying my billy bookcase from ikea at some point this year.  I love the pops of pink, the gorgeous gold mirror and the lovely mix of fabrics, geometric, chevron and zebra print all together in one room, what more could a girl want?  oh and I've just spotted that gorgeous white owl umbrella stand! really wish i had a magic wand because i would have this all for me in a second.


  1. Love it!! The turquoise and pinks against the white and the riot of pattern... swoon!

    Funny, I have been meaning to pick up a couple of Billy Bookcases from Ikea as well for about the past year with the intention of doing something with the back of them like this - I just need to figure out how to get them home in a Mini Cooper!! lol xxx

  2. I love the pops of pink and turquoise. I adore the pattern backing on the bookcases :)


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