Thursday, 4 August 2011

Livingroom Art Hunt Continue's ♥

So the trawl for some perfect living room art has begun.  My wish list was for some smoothing funky and bright with pinks, turquoises, greys and yellows perhaps.  Abstract or even photography and something in a REALISTIC price range, something I'm finding harder to find these days, everything i find and like is expensive, not because i like expensive things its just the things i find and like happen to be expensive lol.  I  do however on most occasion's hunt about until i find something similar in a realistic price range. 

Anyways my first piece of inspiration was found on the front cover of  adore magazine, a living room with amazing paintings by miranda skoczek .  I'm not joking when i say these would have been perfect in my living room not happening lol:(

Then i found this amazing piece of art by michelle armas at  2bydesign blog that ticked all the boxes, absolutely perfect for my living room but again  totally out my price range:( do u see a pattern emerging here lol

I then remembered these fabulous prints found over at the equally fabulous parlourhomeblog. Nichole's blog is jam packed with inspiration! These prints would also go quite well in the living room and are in my price range, but would u believe the lovely photographer is on maternity leave and her shop is closed at the moment!  Oh well my hunt continues, please feel free to share your ideas or suggestions x

PS: Ive nearly finished the babies nursery and only have 7 weeks to go, and if I'm being totally honest i may also be ever so slightly crabbit lol, but shhhh I'm so not admitting that to the husband ha x

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  1. Hi Careen, I also love this style of art and have long admired the art on the cover of adore home magazine. Have you checked out Jen Ramos's Cocoa and Hearts store? She has some gorgeous pieces in lovely bright colours x


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