Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Modern Romantic Style Decorating ♥

Flowers on the Floor

Embellish whitewashed floorboards with an intricate floral stencil. Repeat the pattern to create a striking rug effect that’s inexpensive, easy to recreate, simple to update, and totally individual.

Bands of Bold

Lustrous mosaic stripes add depth and girly glamour to a blush-coloured scheme. The wider the band, the greater the impact

Curtains Up

Large windows warrant couture treatment to ensure atmosphere and mood. Layer pretty sheers, which filter a milky light, with the voluptuous folds of heavier plain silks

Punk Classics

Give traditional pieces poptastic punch by reinventing them with unexpected colour. Why not re-cover a wing chair in shocking-pink toile?

Trick it with mirrors

Take inspiration from Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors, but punk up a full-height reflective panel with a rococo frame, painted in a daring colour. Then see who isn’t the fairest one of all...

All images and content courtesy of Living Etc

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