Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday's Dream House ♥ with some exciting news!!!!

Good evening my lovely readers and to my latest new follower, sorry Ive not been around much lately but Ive been extremely tired and going to bed super early.  The reason for  my tiredness  is fab however.  I'm going to be a mum again for the 3rd time.  I went for my scan on Thursday and saw my little bambino for the first time jumping about inside my tummy lol.  We are so excited, cant believe Ive only got 6 months of peaceful nights left lol.  Anyways here is my dream house for this lovely Monday evening.

eclectic livingroom via

funky dining room via

retro style kitchen via

eclectic fairytale bathroom via

quirky bohemian bedroom via


  1. CONGRATS!! How exciting!
    (And the molding in the first picture - to die for!)

  2. Oooh CONGRATULATIONS!! Very good reason indeed! xxx

  3. Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

    (And I love that first living room pic!)

  4. Congratulations!! What great news! :D

  5. Oh Wow!!! Such exciting news! I'm jealous... wish I was preggo with number 3!!! (haven't sold my idea on the hubby yet!) Congratulations to you!


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