Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday's Dream House ♥

Hey everyone...  I got my 50th follower today, i was rather excited to see that when i signed on  to my blog tonight so a big thank you to sixty-fifth avenue and also a huge thanks to my other 49 lovely followers, always make me smile to know people out there actually read my little blog!!!

I have decided to start a regular Monday post, see how it goes.  The theme is simply going to be my dream house ♥ Each Monday i will post a different dream house filled with inspirational rooms for us all to drool over, well that's the plan!!

There is no theme to this one, maybe some weeks there will be, but today I'm simply starting with some cool rooms that would make folks say "wow" if they walked in to this "dream home"  Enjoy x

dream living room ♥ via

dream dining room ♥ via

dream hallway ♥ via

dream bathroom ♥ via

dream kitchen ♥ via

dream children's bedroom ♥ via
I absolutely adore the children's bedroom, makes me want to have twins lol


  1. I love the Beatles artwork in the second picture!

  2. loving the tall windows in the first photo and the kitchen table is pretty nice too!! and that kids room is adorable!!


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