Wednesday, 2 February 2011

If I make my "to do" list I will make it happen......yeah right!!

A girl can dream of a livingroom that makes your ♥ go "swoon"

So it seems that even though Ive tackled the two biggest rooms in my house (kitchen & bathroom) that i probably have my biggest project looming just ahead of me.  My living room needs, like every other room in this house a complete and utter makeover.  But the thing is its not as easy as the other two rooms which involved minimal effort on my part.  I cleared the rooms and left the hard work to the experts, only popping back in to accessorise. This time i actually need to roll up the sleeves and do some of the hard graft.  That means staying off here and instead of looking at amazing living rooms and gushing over them, actually try to create one of my very own! This is what needs done:

1. Strip back all the walls, painted skirting's boards and door facings (how many hours on a heat gun can this girl handle i wonder?)
2. Get the doors taken off and dipped (no way on god earth am i stripping them too)
3. Rip out old fire place
4. Rip out original alcove shelves (I know its original but in totally awkward place, i will save the doors for a project so wont be a waste)
5. Plaster board fire wall to replace big gaping holes.
6. Get decorator in
7. Get flooring guy in
8. Get window cushions replaced and upholstered
9. Get new fireplace in
10. Accessorise

OK steps 1-4 i have to do (with the odd hand from my husband who i have to say is very diy shy) and will hate hate hate....5-9 should involved a few phone calls, an incredibly hot credit card and plenty of negotiations.  Step 10-11 i will absolutely most positively ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. I finished my living room lately and am still at the stage of sitting down in it in delight, aware of the contrast between how things were and how they are now. Good luck and have fun.


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