Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Japanese Paper & Masking Tape Love....

OMG!!!! I have been addicted to searching for this all night since my friend Rosie told me about Japanese masking tape this morning. I told her i was looking for some cool scrap paper to decorate my thrift store drawers i bought.  I have seen different people doing similar projects using modge podge so thought i would do some investigating.  Several bleary eyed hours later and here is what i have found.  This stuff is amazing, so bright, colourful and FUN!!!! I love this stuff, I'm ordering some tonight along with some modge podge and oh some cute rubber stamps, well seen its pay day lol!  It can be used to bling up jars, vases, picture frames, scrap books, photo albums, food ties, party favours, gift tags, bottle labels - you name it, the Japanese have designed it....oh I'm so happy to share my finds with you guys tonight, although im maybe a bit too excited by this stuff lol....

images from jubella   cutetape  cucumbersome  spoonfullofsugargirls  omiyageblogs  howaboutorange

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  1. Hi! Cute blog!
    How do you get to have the flowers on the side? It looks really good:)


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