Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bathroom make-over got into the final......

Eeeek super happy tonight, and heres why: My bathroom make-over got into the final 10 over at design-refuge.  If you like my new bathroom please vote for me, it really would make me super happy:)  Also I'm just back from my Zumba class , the girl is amazing, we are burning something crazy like 1000 calories in an hour (if your doing it full on lol) Its so much fun even if I have zero co-ordination or rhythm. Then my mum called to say that my little girl who just turned 4 is daft for her small Jack Russell, Eva adores all animals and loves her wee dog looby so much, my mum heard her earlier on in the living room cuddling her wee dog and patting it on the head,  saying to her "aww looby your such a clever wee dog, now you've got a brain!!", awww kids are so funny, as you may have guessed she has been watching wizard of oz lately.  I'm going to smile all night now today has been a good day x

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