Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday Swan Love.......

How cute are these little swan ornaments.  I picked them up for £1 at a local thrift store, the big one was originally white and the wee one was bottle green.  In between sanding and painting the wardrobe today i thought i would try out my new plasticote spray paint.  I think they turned out quite well.  Busy wee day today, the wardrobe is nearly finished and its looking ok, will post photos once its finished......


  1. Love these!! You did a great job spraying them. I must buy some of that spray paint to pretty up a few things I have at home! :)

  2. Hi M, thanks i love them too, the pink swan was sprayed in silk touch plasti-kote and the turquiose was sprayed in satin super. I prefer the finish of the pink one and think i will definately but this spray again, much smoother finish than the other and easier to apply:) x


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