Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sick Day from Work Love.......

My first official sick day from work since starting almost a year, and it really is grudged.  I  hate taking time off work but most of all hate being sick.  My poor kids have also caught the "sick bug" so although I'm feeling lousy I'm happy to be snuggled up with them on the sofa with a big comfy duvet and honey i shrunk the kids on TV.  I really hope no one comes to the door today because I'm still in my Jammie's, my hair resembles a yeti and the face looks similar to Casper.  Sometimes its the really simple days you spend with your kids doing nothing apart from cuddling in and watching daytime TV that you appreciate the most......this lovely image from me and alice sums up how our day has went so far.  Really like this blog!!!! and really love spending my sick day with my  beautiful kids x

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