Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Pantry Love..........

The pantry (along with the tiny toilet) at the back of the house is quite frankly in a state needs damp proofed, stripped and plastered.  This image found here at mamamekko has inspired me to get myself into gear and start getting things moving again in this so much easier if i didn't have to work full time.  Also help if i didn't spend so much time on here day dreaming about how my perfect wee house will look when its finished.  At this rate i will still be here when I'm 60!! Well maybe slight exaggeration, I'm not even 30 yet lol.....

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  1. Found this old post via Link Within since I'm in the midst of reorganizing my pantry, which is about the size and shape of this one except with no window. Almost done but so far have added no decorative touches, wondering if I should bother with installing a pretty wallpaper/paper on the back wall. Hmmm........tx for the inspiration


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