Friday, 31 July 2009

Happy birthday to my diva....pondering her next move

She has just turned 3 and she really does make us smile everyday, she drives her brother mad and totally trashes every room she enters, apparently she is "making a mess", yes i tell her "you have to tidy up now", she replies, "but mummy i like making a mess" Its totally simple in her little mind. Yesterday she held a tarantula in her tiny wee hands and said to me, "Oh mummy its lovely and soft u feel", Mummy politely declined lol. Well i dressed her up like a proper little girl for her 3rd birthday party and this is her 2 hours in, not a dress or pink item in sight, instead she is dressed as her hero, "Sportocus" from lazy town. One day she will willingly wear a dress until that day al keep on taking photos that capture the innocence of my beautiful baby she tells me its ok to be blue!!!!

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